Cassandra Griffen-McIntyre

An Exhibit of Photography – by Cassandra Griffen-McIntyre

Women’s History Month’s Celebration Featuring Black American Women

March 1st – March 31st, 2013

About the Artist

Cassandra Griffen-McIntyre acquired two Master of Science degrees with a purpose to “knowledgeably, protect the rights of the underserved and the under represented.” She further states that her “vast professional experience fortified her desires to produce that special image which exposes the many disparities between whites, Blacks and the world.”

As a photojournalist, Cassandra studies her subject through first hand observation of daily activity. She engages a particular approach of  transcribing interviews by the genealogical method. This is a set of procedures by which photographers discover and record connections of kinship, descent, and marriage using photographs and symbols. Her focus is extended through attention on the community by selecting knowledgeable informants who know well the activities of the community. This process is effective in revealing common cultural denominators connected to her topics, as she relies greatly on up-close photography and personal experience.

Ms. Griffen-McIntyre’s qualitative work and talent have prepared her to serve as ethnographer and photo cultural anthropologist as well. As an ethnographer, she promotes this qualitative method through photography, aimed to teach and understand cultural phenomena. Cassandra has mastered this method of studying, through photography, ethnic groups and other ethnic formations, characteristics, and their material and spiritual culture. Cassandra uses her camera to gather empirical data on human societies and cultures.

As a photo anthropologist, Ms. Griffen-McIntyre profession extends across the fields that encase cultural and social anthropology. Her photography in this area places a high value on performing ethnological research, which is the foundation of her career.