Permanent Installations

Foot Soldier Portraits


Foot Soldiers Quilt

The Foot Soldiers Quilt was donated to the museum by Black Belt Designs as a part of the “Walk and Feel the History” event. The footprints signify the regular citizens who took part in the Civil Rights Movement. The smaller footprints represent the children who were lost during the Civil Rights Movement.

Log Cabin Quilt – Ms. Carolyn Zeanah

This quilt was crafted by Ms. Carolyn Zeanah, a retired teacher who currently resides at Capstone Villages in Tuscaloosa.┬áDuring the time that slaves attempted to gain their freedom, many would travel what was known as the Underground Railroad. It is said that when they walked by a house and saw a log cabin quilt, with a center made of yellow, they would recognize that as a “safe house,” a house that would receive them and offer help, food, shelter, and information about the safest route to freedom.